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Uplighting can enhance your event with almost any color.


Uplighting can truly change the whole look and feel of a room, especially rooms with ceilings higher than 12-15 feet. You may be able to spend less money on other décor while utilizing eye-popping uplighting to shift your guests’ attention to the lights. Enhance your room and change a sterile or plain space from so-so to impressive with a perfect alternative to harsh fluorescent or incandescent lighting. If your reception is an interesting or historic place, accentuate the details by highlighting intricate ceiling and wall architecture, even with ornate building exteriors.

Uplight colors are usually customizable with many options. It can sometimes be difficult to find decorations that match the exact shades of your wedding colors. Take the stress away by having your lighting professional match the colors perfectly! Don’t have specific colors in mind? No problem! A rosy pink creates the perfect romantic atmosphere, while a golden amber uplights project a soft warmth. Blues look great and work well with skin tones to make everyone look good in photos, whereas greens and yellows should be avoided because they are not favorable with skin tones and make people look washed out.

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​With uplights, the environment can change throughout the evening. You can feature a more sophisticated look for dinner, then transition to more dramatic lighting for later and even lights that move to the beat for dancing, transforming the space and creating energy for the dance floor for you and your guests!​ 

It is a worry-free alternative to candles. Wireless LED lights are less stark than traditional overhead lighting. You won’t be tripping over power cords and they don’t draw power from the venue. Also, they don’t heat up like other lights, which can be a safety hazard for small children. While candlelight is beautiful and traditional, it has its downsides. Your venue may not permit open flames, and both flame candles and cheaper LEDs can burn out quickly, ruining your atmosphere.

Light Amber
White Light
Interested in boosting the "Wow" factor of your event?

Jennifer Tuttle said...
"Our whole wedding surpassed our expectations... Carl and Leni were incredibly helpful, professional, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process... from the planning all the way through the reception. They understood our desire to have all of our guests feel comfortable and have a blast. We literally danced the night away and the music appealed to all of our guests!!!"

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