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Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

Nathan & Grace -

"My wife and I met with four DJs while planning our wedding, but the only one that we came away impressed with was Carl. His genuine interest in us, our preferences, and our unique wedding theme was just a small indication of his overall attention to detail.

As a musician, I am very sensitive to how a DJ mixes songs based on tempo, time signature, and overall feel. When Carl repeatedly touched on this, I was sold.


Our first meeting was just a precursor to the amazing service he provided for our wedding. Carl effortlessly blended songs of different genres and cultures, creating an environment where it was impossible for everyone not to dance. As requested, he stayed in the background and did not draw any attention to himself the entire night.

In terms of vendors for our wedding, we could not have been happier. I highly recommend Carl to anyone who is seeking a highly-skilled DJ who knows music, and knows the dynamics of creating a festive atmosphere."

"We had a fantastic experience working with Carl! I searched many sites looking for a DJ. What stood out about Carl and Collective DJs was their professionalism... The night was flawless..."
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"Collective DJs came highly recommend by both our venue and caterer. After our initial meeting with Carl, we totally understood why. We got no less than 20 compliments... "

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"The dance floor was packed all night. I have never had so much fun in my life! They did a great job seamlessly transitioning from more family-friendly music early in the evening to party music later in the night!"              
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How it works...




  • We will not use signs or banners to promote ourselves at your event.

  • We will not announce our name or our company's name at your event.

  • We will not lay business cards out at your event.

  • We will not tell jokes over the mic at your event.

  • We will not play music you have specifically asked us not to play.

  • We do not smoke and will not start smoking at your event.

  • We will not drink alcohol at your event.

  • We will not do "air guitar" or pass out inflatable music instruments.

  • We will not teach or perform group line dances.

  • We will make every attempt to add value to your event, not diminish it.

  • We will go over any announcements so we can pronounce names correctly.

  • We will not sit down while we are playing music

You should expect these things when you are paying for a professional DJ.

booking policy:


When you inquire about a date not yet booked by the Collective, you automatically retain a 14-day tentative hold on that date. If another client inquires about the same date and wants to book the date, you will be notified and given a reasonable amount of time to make a decision to book the date or to release it to the other client.


We will be legally bound to each other with a signed contract and a 25% non-refundable retainer. Always confirm your open date before sending a contract and retainer.




You will have at least two meetings with us.

1. Interview Meeting - Are we a good match? You like us, we like you... Ok, go.

2. Planning Meeting - This takes place approximately 2-8 weeks before your event. Music-related details are discussed and we create a draft of your music format. Most of our clients say this meeting gets them excited for the party!

Throughout the process we'll have ongoing communication through your preferred mode of contact: emails, conference calls, and/or virtual meetings. We usually meet virtually via Zoom to make it convenient for everyone.



If you got this far, you are most likely not a typical bargain shopper who is just looking for an "OK" DJ at the cheapest rate. You need an exceptional DJ. That's where we come in. The national average for an average DJ in the US is $1640 for 4 hours. Your investment in our expertise will be slightly higher than the national average but rest assured, we definitely deliver a much higher-than-average service and overall experience. If you find a DJ who is charging a "less than the national average" rate for a DJ ($1640), you can probably expect a "less than average" outcome. You certainly don't want a 'less than average" party, do you?

"Some DJs charge below average prices for very good reason. Don’t expect to hire a great DJ at an average rate." - Baltimore Bride Magazine

The impact the music makes on your party is extremely powerful, more than almost anything else... and needs to be handled by a pro. You don't want your event to become memorable for all the wrong reasons with bad music that doesn't fit your style.

Fees are based upon the day and time of year as well as the amount of time that DJ services or sound/microphones are needed.

Your investment in us for up to 5 hours ranges from $1850 to $2350, depending on the day and time of year and any other options that you'd like. (lighting, extras, etc.)


You'll get an exact quote for the date, time and location of your event if you will provide us more specific details. Send us your date, venue and time details here.


  • You do not pay for normal set up and break down time, which is usually 90 minutes to 2 hours before and 1 hour after the event.

  • Breaks are not taken during the event and the music is continuous. If you find a DJ who takes breaks, that's just ridiculous. Don't hire them.

  • We arrive approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours before our scheduled start time to set up. Rarely, but sometimes an early set up fee will be charged if it is deemed necessary that the set up should be earlier than 2 hours prior to scheduled start time. Fee is $150 per hour. You don't want us to and we don't like to set up in front of guests at the risk of looking unprofessional.

  • You also don't want us to move sound equipment during an event (again, it looks unprofessional) but we can provide music at multiple locations with additional sound systems. Fees for additional sound systems start at $150.

If you think hiring a pro DJ is expensive, just wait and see how much money, time and stress an average DJ will end up costing you in the long run!
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