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Choosing the Perfect
First Dance Song...

During the wedding planning process, you have thousands of decisions to consider and sometimes choosing the right first dance song can be one of the more challenging choices you’ll make. With literally millions of songs from which to choose, the options can quickly get overwhelming. “Your song” will be known as such for the rest of your lives so you’ll want to make sure you pick a song that fits your personal style, one that stands the test of time and you’ll want to hear many years from now.

1. Think of songs or lyrics that appeal to you and your relationship.

Was there a great song that was popular when you first started dating or one that you heard together while watching a movie? If you have a great song in mind but don’t know the lyrics exactly, you can research them on the internet and see if they work. Just don’t get caught up on one word or line if the rest of the song is perfect because your guests are not going to be dissecting the lyrics as they watch you dance. If it reeeaaally bothers you, there is always the option to get the Karaoke version of the song and have someone, preferably a great vocalist, sing and record lyrics that you rewrite for the song. Don’t laugh, it’s been done.

2. Choose a song that you’ll both be comfortable dancing to in front of your wedding guests.

One of the hardest things to watch is a couple struggle through their dance and looking completely stressed out when they should really be enjoying the moments of their first dance. If you are not comfortable with hundreds of eyes on you dancing, it might be best to skip the dance lessons so you are not seen sweating, counting the steps and looking totally awkward. By the same token, if you are comfortable in the spotlight then by all means learn an awesome dance and give your guests a show; maybe even with a great “dip” at the end of the song which also makes for a great photo! Make sure the camera is rolling in case you want to be the next viral “aww, look at that” video. If you are losing sleep over the pressure of the first dance you can A) pick a really short song or B) Invite the wedding party or even guests to join you on the floor for the dance so you are not the main focus. If you want to kick it up a notch and pass on the traditional ballad for your first dance, then choose a great, uplifting faster dance song and just lose yourself on the floor.  The first dance should fit your personalities.

3. Don't Be Afraid To Be Original or Different

If you are an indie hipster couple, goth duo or country partnership, feel free to pick a song that speaks to that unique personality. People really love a sweet old-fashioned slow dance, but if dragging your feet around the dance floor to a sappy ballad is not your style, then change it up and feel good about it. Guests also like to see something different that they have not seen or heard before so your cool first dance song might be what they’ll be talking about to their friends on Monday after the wedding. Feel free to express yourself and don’t write off the idea of a “medley” like you’ve seen on YouTube. Make it yours and own it! If you are worried because the song you really like for your first dance was already used at a wedding you attended as a member of the wedding party or a guest, just remember that not everyone at your wedding was a guest at that wedding. You could tell the other couple that you loved their song so much that you are using it (or a version of it) as well. If it really bothers you, look for a different version of the song or again, have someone record a personalized version of the song for you. Some couples have even recorded themselves singing the first dance for that extra special personal touch.

Just remember that whatever song you pick, your guests will enjoy it if they can see your love radiating from the dance floor. So grab your beverages of choice and some snacks and make an at-home date night to go through all of your song choices and pick the perfect first dance song. If you are stuck on two choices, pick one and use the other song for later in the reception. If you feel the lyrics are perfect, you could print them on the back of the menu cards so your guests can read them to understand the connection.

Best of luck and happy listening!

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