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Audio Guestbook Retro Phone!

Make your guests swoon with this cool, retro alternative to the standard guestbook. Your friends and family leave you personal, recorded messages to create an incredible keepsake you will go back and listen to for years! Check it out, and get ahead of the crowd by introducing your guests to the hottest, new event enhancement.

Here's how it works:

  • Your guests pick up the handset of a vintage landline phone.

  • Guests hear your voices: "we're busy at the moment, please leave us a message!" (or you can use one of several voice recordings we offer)

  • The phone records all of the messages (any length) throughout your event

  • You get all of the messages (none are screened or deleted) on a *thumb drive! Delivery time is usually between 7 to 14 days.

  • Playback your special messages when you want to relive your milestone event!

 * For an added fee, you can get your messages on an old-school cassette or vinyl record for the ultimate retro vibe! (Some space limitations apply on cassettes or records)

What a perfect way to capture and remember the voices of your guests, especially older family members, in such a special time and space!

What people are saying about the Audio Guestbook Phone: 

"Our guests had so much fun leaving us messages, and we had the most fun listening to them."

"The messages we received are absolutely priceless, especially the ones later in the evening!"

"We just got back voicemails and they were sweet, heartwarming, and hilarious."

Custom signage available.
Let's get creative!

Other phone colors/styles below with more choices coming soon!

Blue Phone.jpg

Light Blue Desk Phone

Red Lips Phone_edited.jpg

Red Kiss Phone

Pink Princess Phone.jpg

Pink Princess Phone

Vintage Ivory Phone.jpg

Ivory Victorian Phone

Silver Phone.jpg

Silver Bell Phone

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