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Wedding at AVAM

"Advice for couples? Hire them for your wedding! So easy and fun to work with from the very beginning . Our wedding day was absolutely incredible! Carl made sure he understood exactly what we wanted – we trusted him completely and he definitely did not disappoint! Professional, engaged, and responsive throughout the entire planning process.
One of our main goals was to keep people dancing – mission accomplished! I can’t tell you how many times we heard “your DJ was awesome” or “I have never had so much fun dancing at a wedding,” and “the music was amazing.” We HIGHLY recommend... and can’t thank them enough for helping make our wedding day perfect!!" -Emily & Eli

Four Seasons Wedding

Proud to be the ONLY DJ in the MD, DC or VA area who is course certified as approved for LGBTQ weddings and events by the Equality Institute! 

The Perfect Match?

You have an idea what you want, maybe not exactly, but you need a DJ who is music savvy and can help figure that out.  You know what you don't want... the same ol' same.

You are smart enough to hire the best. As an Informed decision-maker, you choose to stack the odds in your favor with a stellar music format that reflects your own good taste. The importance of having someone with an extensive background in all types of music creating a festive, fun, yet tasteful atmosphere for you without resorting to attention-seeking antics, or spotlight-stealing is abundantly clear to you. The party of a lifetime, an event to be remembered, that's what you want... and the music has to be on point.
Your search is over.


Hundreds of music lovers, like you, have hired us to entertain thousands of their guests. We rocked them all.  We know great music and we're exceptional at mixing it.

You want to guarantee your guests will have a great time. We get it. You'll come out looking like the hero. We don't mind, that's what we are all about... making you look good.  It's not about us. It's about incredible music. By investing in our boutique DJ collective, your payoff will be knowing you gave your guests a creative, memorable and fun alternative to standard party music. Our savvy clients want a slightly different and unique approach to the music at their event… not the same old same. Fun, unique, tasteful, classic, hip and creative! Some of the best DJs in the nation who play celebrity events and parties for people who love music can make your event soar! DJs Carl Jr., Leni K. and their collective are the only choice for people who feel they deserve the best there is to offer!  Nobody ever wants to plan (or attend) an average, mediocre event.

Better Than Average: You are spending a great amount of time and money to create an incredible atmosphere. One that represents your personal style and will leave your guests talking and feeling they have attended the best event in their lives. With that goal in mind, you must consider the great impact that music will have on the event. We are the integral key to that music statement that will leave your guests recalling your event as the best party they've ever attended.

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