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Choosing a great song to
share a special dance...

Along with the thousands of decisions you'll make regrading your wedding, you may want to consider sharing a special dance with your dad, stepfather, family member or special someone who made an impact on your life.  Music is powerful and there are many songs to consider before finding the one with the perfect lyrics. You’ll want to make sure you pick a song that fits both your personal styles and one that stands the test of time, a song you’ll want to hear many years from now.

Years ago, the Father & Daughter dance was the standard at most weddings with a few exceptions. Today the options are wide open. We've seen both brides and grooms dance with parents, step-parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, God-parents and other special people in their lives. Today, there is really no set plan and feel free to write your own story. If you feel like you want to share a special dance with someone, then by all means do it. It will be something you both remember forever.

Among the millions of songs available, we've tried to help narrow down your choices by sifting through to find some of the better options that may match your tastes.

Best of luck and happy listening!

151 (and growing...) Bride Special Dance Song Ideas...

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