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About this mix

We were asked to provide a music playlist for a wedding after-party by the local Bridal Magazine. We were happy to lend our expertise with not only a playlist but an actual DJ mix**. Here's our take on it:


So you’ve just had an incredible time partying the night way at your wedding and things are winding down. What’s next? You could go home, retreat to your hotel room or meet at the local watering hole but this occasion deserves more time for celebration and you want to extend it with a kickin’ After Party!

As with any life milestone, you’ll need a soundtrack to punctuate the festivities and solidify the memory for years to come. You still remember that song from your first prom, right? Music is powerful and you can’t leave your perfect After Party soundtrack to chance with the iPod shuffle or the corporate suits at Pandora, Spotify or the like. You’ll need a music playlist that reflects your style, attitude and vibe without coming off as over planned or cliché (No version of Pharell's "Happy" song will be played). The DJ or Band at the wedding most likely played the tried and true favorites so now is the time to stretch your legs musically and have some cool tracks, remixes, mash-ups and summer hits with a little energy. Thinking about who will be in attendance at the After Party will affect the music format since most of the revelers will be around the couple’s age, but not exclusively, as we all have those few older friends or family members who love to party and can hang with the best.

The proposed After Party playlist mix is a snippet of what would probably be a two or three hour soirée. Starting off, you’d most likely hold off, just slightly on the energy for the first fifteen or twenty minutes as your guests arrive but then kick it in gear to get their blood pumping and avoid the late-night energy fizzle. You’ll keep the party rolling and the music will move through new, recurrent and fun energetic favorites to appeal to everyone’s taste. Near the end of the party you’ll want to go out with a bang then have a slightly more meaningful song close it out to seal the memory in the craniums of your guests as simply one of the best times they’ve had in recent memory. Be prepared for people talking about your incredible party for many years and be sure to get great photos.

Remember, this format may not be for everyone but for the majority of couples who want to party into the night in July of 2014, this is spot on!


Carl Jr.

Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed Delivered (Phunk Remix)
Cazzette - Sleepless
Rufus - Sundream (Remix)
Mantu - Artbridge
David Bowie - Let's Dance (Electro Remix)
La Roux - Uptight Downtown
Naxxos - New Orleans
Parov Stelar - All Night
Imagine Dragons - On the Top of the World (Remix)
Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine (Remix)
Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Remix
Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue Mashup
Charli XCX - Boom Clap (Ultimix Carl Jr. Mix)
Iggy Azalea Ft Charli XCX - Fancy (Remix)
Diplo - Butters Theme (feat. Billy the Gent & Long Jawns)
Madonna - Music
MJ Feat. JT - Love Never Felt So Good
OneRepublic - Love Runs Out (Ultimix)
Inxs - Need You Tonight (Revenger Mix)
Daft Punk - One More Time
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
David Guetta - Lovers on the Sun (feat. Sam Martin)
Felix Cartal - Ready for Love
Feed Me - Alarm Clock
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (Smoothed Out Remix)


** DJ ID's throughout the mix are never played live during events but only on recorded mixes to keep other, less creative DJs from stealing our work and playing it as their own. It has happened in the past. Crazy, right?

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